Collection bars
Version 1.0.6 (03-11-2019)
- Updated APIVersion to 100029
- Fixed an issue when activating certan mementos:
 user:/AddOns/CollectionBars/CBs_Buttons.lua:125: operator + is not supported for nil + number
-- Added guard, so start time defaults to 0 in:
--- base.GetCooldownText(countDown, duration)
--  base.IsCollectibleUsable(button)

Version 1.0.5 (08-09-2019)
- Fixed issue hiding labels, when they are not combined, and the settings tab is not enabled
- Fixed issue with when moving the frame, and has the label anchor set other than a corner
-- Setting: "Bar anchor location" is removed, it now anchors to the "Display name anchor position on button".
-- Anchors can now be set to corners/sides/center.

Version 1.0.4 (14-08-2019)
- Updated APIVersion to 100028
- Changed the drawlevel of buttons, so they now are displayed in front of:
-- Inventory & equipment window
-- Bank, fence and store window
-- Collection bars settings
- Updated how MoveFrames are created and named.

Version 1.0.3 (23-06-2019)
- Updated bindings, so they update when a key is remapped in ESO settings
- Made LibAddonMenu-2.0 Optional
-- I expect to remove LibAddonMenu-2.0 completely.. eventually
- Added functionality to "Collection Bar Settings"
-- Option to select if addon should be added to the menu ("LibAddonMenu-2.0")
-- Migrated missing settings from the menu
-- Allows for adding and removing "Collection types", without reloading the LibAddonMenu
-- Allows for changing between account or user settings, without reloading the LibAddonMenu
-- Change active collection type by pressing settings-symbol/cog in "Collection types".
- Updated menu slash command to: "/cb_menu"
- Updated settings window slash command to: "/cb"

Version 1.0.2 (14-06-2019)
- Removed files for library: LibAddonMenu-2.0
-- It is still required, but files needs to be downloaded separately
- Updated the activation by hotkey, so it always tries to activate the collectible, even if a button does not exist
- Made labels clamp to the screen

- Removed sub pages in the menu, it now has a divider where one used to be
- Added tooltips declaring why items are disabled
- Moved selection of collectibles to the new "settings panel"
- Added "Toggle settings" button, to toggle settings mode
- Removed reload requirement, when toggling a collection type

Settings panel
- Added settings panel, for setting up specific collection type settings
- Right click a label to toggle settings mode
- In settings mode, all labels are shown, when collection type is selected
- Open the settings panel by pressing the cog on the label
- Functionality in the settings panel:
-- Toggle move frame
-- Reload collection
-- Show disabled collectibles of type
-- Select all collectibles of type
-- Select specific collectible of type

Version 1.0.1 (06-05-2019)
- Removed duplicate LibStub from lib: Libs\LibStub

Version 1.0.0 (27-04-2019)