Version 85
Update 42
Added Gold Road, Fixed Acheivements for 2 hard mode trials
Bumped API

Version 84
Update 41
Added Scions of Thingy, 2 GRP Dungeons
Bumped API

Version 83

Added Endless Archive As DLC2
Bump API

Version 82

Simplified World Boss and Skill Quest Code. A lot faster and a lot Simpler. 3.5 Sec Vs 30s to start.
Found some missing Quests.

Version 81
Version 81-beta2
Still Raging, but bored enough to update this.
API Bump,
Stuff up to Necrom.

Note this is a lot of added data and History is now quite slow to load. 15 sec or more.

Version 80
Rage Quit Edition
With update 29 they reset all Skill points.
For no particular reason.
So I'm now facing reassigning 360 skill points to 9 chars.
No, I'm not. I have Closed my Eso+ Subs and deleted the program.
I don't expect to be back within the next few years.

The in game part of this should remain compatible with future game updates.
Thanks for using History.

version 79
Minor cleanup in game module.

2021-02-01 version 78
Added Flames of Ambition. 2 Dungeons
Api bump

2021-01-27 version 77
Added Markath  Skill  Quests

2020-09-29 version 76

Removed Greymoor world bosses
Added as Markath

2020-09-22 version 75
Added Markath
Add missing Greymoor world bosses
Made some Detail fields a bit longer.

2020-09-13  version 74
Added Missing:
Lair of Maarselok
Moongrave Fane

2020-09-09 verion 73
Missing Depths of malatar

2020-09-07 Version 72
Added missing Greymoor Skillquest

2020-09-05 Version 71
The IUP-LUA 5.4. code was fixed on sourceforge, so redownload it if you need it.
Moved some Code around.
Fixed an issue that ignored some achievements.

2020-08-21  Version 70
==Known not to work with IUP-Lua 5.4===
Updated Install Docs (Not Video)
Southern Elsweyr Skill Quests  (Dragonhold)  The "Reformation" quest is not available. Case opened with Zos

Update of the Account and Character Delete Scripts
Character Delete now gives more information to distinguish between identically named characters.

Moved some files to a new "Prog" directory

Fixed issue with a crash on very old character data (Peter)

2020-08-14 Version 69
Wasn't recording the DLC Grp events correctly.
Nobody cared.

2020-08-08 Version 68

Removed the Asp Awareness Achievement from Summerset World Bosses
Added Moonwalker to Elsweyr SkillQuests

2020-7-30 version 67
Add Stonethorn
Add Greymoor 2 Skill quests
Has Ru data

2020-05-29 version 66
Added 2 Skill quests for Elsweyr

2020-05-28 version 65
Api update.

2020-04-22 version 64
Api update.
Add Greymoor

2020-04-17 version 63
Fix crash in Utility at startup on a new installation.

2020-01-28 version 62
Add Harrowstorm

2019-11-03 version 61
Update to DLC without worrying about Skill Quests or World Bosses
Update to API version

2019-05-28 version 60
Copied the Sunspire Trials main achievements to the Trials tab while leaving them also in Elsweyr.

2019-05-27 version 59
Update for Elsweyr.
Achievement Columns are a bit wider.
German Achievements may still be a bit long.

2019-02-09 version 58-beta 02
Very major changes to simplify the programming.
It is mostly data driven, which limits how I can present the information.
If its not in the Achievement text, too bad..

Must use IUP 3.26 or later

2018-11-29 version 57
	Fix Murkmire WB MIssing

2018-11-26 version 56
	Restructure of Game data.

2018-09-28 version 55
	Backported WorldBoss and SkillQuest code from Beta.
	Please report bugs

2018-09-17 version 54
	fix for DE and FR skillquests, Imperial City

2018-09-15 version 53
    Thanks Snakefish!
	Added missing skillquests,
	Some code has been refactored
	In game part changed to cope with ZOS.
	After installing  type  /histload  for the current char. Other wise it may take 1 day to get the historic achievements.

2018-09-11 version 53-beta
	Added missing skillquests,
	Some code has been refactored

2018-08-15 version 52-beta-01
	Now have HistOfflineBeta.lua.
	Additional DLC data.

2018-08-14 version 52
	Preliminary Support for Wolfhunter
	Fix mouseover on a tab

2018-08-14 version 51
	Removed the Mouseover from Dungeon Mode (didn't work anyway)
	Add "ru" lingua, which has english data
	Mouseover on completed dungeon in char mode now displays the datetime completed in the bottom panel.

2018-08-08 version 50
	The Toggle to hide characters that have completed all dungeons (Dungeon Mode) would crash the program if you had no vet characters.

2018-08-03 version 49
	Add Toggle to hide characters that have completed all dungeons (Dungeon Mode)

2018-05-18  version 48
	Made TG/DB/Clockwork Groups Bosses available.

2018-05-18 version 47
	Changed WB display to have detail panel
	Made Dungeon Mode scrollable for people with lots of chars

2018-05-17 version 46
	Fixed missing Vvardendell World Boss
	Thanks Snakefish!!!

2018-05-14 version 45
	Fixed problems with Trials
	Added Asylum
	Improved DE translations by Snakefish.
	Lots of other help from Snakefish!!!

2018-05-11 version 44
	This release dedicated to snakefish for his DE translations!
	No other changes.

2018-05-10 version 43
	Major Changes WRT Trials. Dumped Craglorn, It's now all under "Trials"
	NOTE: It is sometimes impossible to sure from the Achievement description if its Vet or not.
	Also "hard mode" seems to be deprecated. Let me know if you think something is wrong.

	Did Minimal work on FR and DE translation.

2018-05-05 version 42
	Adding Support for Bones,Horns
	Renamed Morrowind to Vvardenfell
	The situation with locations, Vet, Vet hard, Trials, Special conditions is such bloody mess that I'm holding off on clockwork city.
	I will have to restructure this and and it going to be a dog of thing, just to figure out, let alone to do.

2018-05-04 version 41
	Adding Support for Morrowind.
	*)Pub Dungeons
	*)Skill Quests

2018-03-09 version 40  (no change to code)
	API Bump

2017-06-13 version 39
	API Bump

2017-06-13 version 38
	Translation fixes, UTF8 now working
	Localised Dates.
	Thanks, Snakefish!

2017-05-21 version 37
	API Bump
	Fixed up old character deletion. Decided to keep it simple and not worry about servers.

2017-02-11 version 36
	Fixed bug for crash starting new character

2017-02-03 version 35
	Craglorn Trials working
	Hist DLC added
	Changed presentation. Background is now green when done.
	Fixed bug not recording map visits. Shows blank. Not bothering to fix old data.
	Now saving only the exact Achievement data we are reporting on. Save file is smaller

2017-01-06 version 34
	API Update
	Achievement text hoverover (WIP)
	Fixed: Fungal Grotto VH wrong
	Fixed: Maelstrom vet/normal was reversed

2017-01-01 version 33
	Fixed Veteran hard Volenfell

2016-12-31 version 32
	Fix to dying when just leaving non-vet, when the account has CP (error line 314)
	(Non vet only goes to level 49, not 50)

2016-12-07 version 31
	Fixed Veteran Volenfell

2016-12-07 version 30
	Added IC dungeons in DLC

2016-12-03 version 29
	Filtered too many achievements, stopping world boss and skill quests  being populated.

2016-11-30 version 28
	Fix for Wrong Achievements on some mode II veteran dungeons

2016-11-26 version 27
	Internal changes. Unused achievement categories not saved.
	Now recording levelling again.
	had been broken for ages and no one noticed, even me.
	The savedvariables files should be smaller.
	We now account for characters in different servers, however this working stil pending in the UI.
	Fixes for some dungeon achievements.

2016-10-12 version 25
	Sorts characters names
	Doesn't log messages about levelling while history not working. As CP are levelling and are global, this is inevitable.

2016-10-04 version 24
	A minor to fix to record time played.
	Now records Leveling when Champion Points are earned. Looks a bit odd since that's account wide.
	No Change to histoffline, but I'm starting work on the trials.

2016-10-01 version 23
    No change to in-game client, histoffline code has been refactored.
	The saved variables  data file format is unchanged. You can revert to an earlier version ok.
	Ready for version 12, with new dungeon scheme.
	Tracking sub achievements for Vet dungeons has been scrapped.
	v11 has 2 more DLC dungeons and trials in normal modes. I'm not up to date with these. Will work on it.
	v12 will make craglorn less of a joke. Will track what to do there.

2016-08-09 version 22
	A BPB bug affecting users with more than 2 accounts

2016-08-07 version 21
	Internal changes in the save file to allow correct operation when the character is
	Race changed
	Gender Changed

	After installing this update, you should log in to all your characters so it will update.

	Included are

	Which you can run from the iuplua53 console.
	They will perform one operation and then quit. This is so you can use histoffline to confirm its doing what you think.
	You should BACKUP YOUR savedvariables/History.lua file.
	The apps copy the datafile into a sub folder called History_bak, with a timestamp in the name, before writing any data.
	This is new code..... you do have a backup, don't you?

	This addon could use some love from DE and FR speakers.

2016-08-01 version 20
	API for Update 11

2016-06-01 version 19
	API for Dark Brotherhood

2016-02-28 version 18
	Display DLC data (Orsinium)
	No changes to the in-game code.

2016-02-28 version 17
	Fix for missed level if done while addon was disabled.
	API level ready for TG

2016-02-14 version 16
	Change Greenshade skill quest

2015-11-03 version 15
	API bump for Orsinium

2015-09-10 version 14
	Perform an achievement load on login, but not more often than every 23 hours.
	This will help with people who do a dungeon then CTD on exit.

	Try setting UTF8 mode, left commented out

2015-09-01 version 13
	API bump

2015-07-04 version 12
	A significant update, adding a "Dungeons" mode.
	In Character Mode:
	Split Trials Away from vet dungeons, as they are quite different.
	Trials show details for achievements.
	Characters which aren't Veteran won't get Vet Dungeon or Trial Tabs.

	History Addon:
	added slash command to delete old data.  (/hostdelold)
	Nothing special required.

2015-05-20 version 11
	De translation done.
	Moving out of "Beta" category on Minion.
	Change Description so is doesn't have the installation data.
	Nothing special required.

2015-05-13 version 10
	Quests awarding Skill points, Now has detail panel with clickable link

	Nothing special required.

2015-05-09 version 9
	Quests awarding Skill points, work in progress.
	Thankyou Joklix.

	Nothing special required.

2015-05-04 version 8
	World Bosses!!
	Nothing special required.

	Changed Description to specify IUP 3.13

	version 7
	Update to German translation
	Nothing special required.

	version 6
	Refactored localisation. DE mostly done, FR needs work.
	Language in use saved by the addon when you log out from the game.
	Fixed one dungeon with wrong achievement.
	Nothing special required.

	Version 5
	Mostly fixed operation on non-english Lingua. Some locations have mangled text.
	Hid Empty Vet Coldhabour Panel

	English users Don't need to delete saved variables
	French and German users should delete savedvariables/history.lua, if it exists..

	Special Thankyou to Joklix, without whom I would not of had a clue.

	Version 4
	Added Dragonstar Arena
	Adjusted size of some fields

	Version 3
	Oops! incorrect initialise on new char causes crash.
	Log in with each char to let the updated addon fix the data file.
	Histoffline  won't wont until all have been fixed

	Version 2
	Beta Code, fixed packaging problem.

	Version 1
	Beta Code, no known bugs.