[COLOR="RED"]====READ THE CHANGELOG. Updated to Necrom===[/COLOR]

If you've ever had a conversation like this..
[COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Do you want to join us in dungeon X?"

"Yes, I'm sure one of my 8 chars hasn't done it. Wait a mo while I login to them all..." [/COLOR]

Then you know the motivation for this addon.

Dad's History Addon collects significant information from your adventuring and presents it to a Desktop application called HistOffline.lua. This runs under windows using the IUP toolkit.
[B]The addon has no in-game user interface.[/B]

The game does not have to be running to use histoffline.

Game information is updated when your character logs out.

Histoffline presents information on your Dungeon achievements and levelling stats.
It is ideal for seeing which dungeons you haven't completed.

When installed for the first time, it will load your achievement list, which populates the Dungeon panels.

The Level and Location panels are only populated going forward. The game itself does not store this information.

If more than one account is used on the computer, you have an option to select the account you wish to view.

[*]All Achievements uncompleted have red background.
[*]Group and Public Dungeons are complete if you have the "Conqueror" Achievement.
[*]Veteran Dungeons have several achievements.

[*]Normal, Veteran and Veteran Hard Mode
[*]Veteran Mode has the sub-achievements
[*]For some achievements, its impossible to be sure if its a veteran achievement or not. If I've guessed wrong, let me know.

[*]Refer to the Screenshot. One line per level. Play time is Accumulative.

[*]Visits are counted on load screens (Activation). Sometimes maps change without Activation, leaving a city for example. This is not captured at the moment.
[*]"First Visited",  a date. Again mostly blank because the addon was still in development at that time.
[*]"First Level" means level at first visit
[*]"Times Levelled" means number of times you leveled up in that map.
[*]"First Death" your level when you first snuffed it.
[*]"Deaths" How many times you died there.

[SIZE=4]World Bosses[/SIZE]
[*]There are six bosses in a zone, 5 zones in an Alliance. Get all 30!
[*]Select the zone to show the detail.

[SIZE=4]Quests With Skill Points[/SIZE]
[*]See if you have missed any!
[*]Select the zone to show the detail.
[*]Click on link to browse to UESP's webpage on the quest.
[*] Zos bug in Malabal Tor, can't fix, SOL

[SIZE=4]DLC Group[/SIZE]
[*]This is the Group Dungeons. DLC public Dungeons are in "Public"
[*]DLC Trials are in "Trials Norm, Vet Hard"

Install the Add-on in the usual way.
Read "installation.pdf" in the Doc folder for details on installing the IUP toolkit

Enjoy. Please report bugs to the forum. This is work in progress.

German Translations by Joklix and Snakefish.
French Translations by Joklix.
With Thanks..

Some code taken from the Luatz project under the MIT License.
The dump code function I found on the net. Sorry I don't know who wrote it.
The rest is my code,  MIT license.