# InventoryManager

Not yet another Junker or Bank Addon, this Inventory Manager takes care of your needs to automatically stash, retrieve and dispose of your items as you see fit.

This addon works in conjunction with the CraftStore addon to determine which recipes, style motifs or traits are wanted by your current character or your alts and lets you determine whether to put the given recipes into the bank or even get them from the bank if your character deems them suitable.

Rather than working with a preset list of actions and item groupings, this addon allows to set a list of rules which are applied on the items you loot, your inventory or the bank, as you wish. Think the mail filter in Outlook or Thunderbird and you get the idea.

To use the full range of functions within these AddOns, following AddOns are suggested for installation as well:
 * CraftStore (old 3.00+ or CraftStore Fixed and Improved, both work) for identifying your character's and alt's needs
 * FCO ItemSaver for customized marking options

---- Special thanks to:
 * Baertram (Your developer docs for FCO ItemSaver really saved the day)